A strong environmental performance is key to maintaining our reputation as a leading independent oil & gas company.

At Heritage, we have specific requirements and recommendations governing how we identify and manage the potentially damaging environmental and social impacts/risks of all our projects. Systems and practices which form the foundation of our operations include:

  • identify and assess potential environmental impacts in the early stages of a project or acquisition;
  • take necessary action to mitigate impacts throughout our operations; and
  • leave a limited footprint, in line with local regulations.


We strive to understand and manage the sensitivities of the environments in which we operate as well as our responsibilities to them, throughout the lifecycle of our operations. We are committed to making a positive contribution towards the protection of the environment and aim to minimise any adverse effects emanating from our operations. We aim to contribute positively to global sustainability through our operations, the development of our fields, the adoption of new technologies and the conduct of our relationships with all stakeholders.

We identify and assess potential environmental impacts at the planning stage of our projects. We protect, as best we can, the local environment during operations and aim to restore it to the same pre-activity standard upon completion. This restoration activity is conducted in conjunction with local authorities and communities where we operate.