Heritage is dedicated to recruiting, motivating and retaining employees with a diverse range of skills. We believe that our competitive advantage is derived as much from our people as from our asset base and attractive and growing business opportunities.

Ensuring that relationships between our employees are cohesive, safe and effective is important to Heritage and we expect all our employees to respect different cultures, traditions and employment practices across our business areas. We share common goals with our employees and contractors and are committed to good corporate values and responsible behaviour. We recognise achievement and create opportunities for individuals at all levels of our businesses. In dealing with our employees, we act in compliance with national regulatory requirements and our obligations under relevant national and international laws.

To ensure successful recruitment, motivation and retention in a challenging, international market, we aim for:

  • a competitive approach to remuneration with packages reviewed regularly;
  • learning and development programmes that enhance employees’ careers;
  • a commitment to diversity;
  • a focus on recruitment from within host countries and communities – where certain skill sets are available; and
  • workplaces which motivate and engage employees at all levels, and are free from discrimination and harassment of any kind.


At Heritage, we value all employees for their contribution to our business. Opportunities for advancement are equal and not influenced by considerations other than performance and aptitude. Employees are provided with the opportunity to develop their potential and, where appropriate, to further their careers within the Group.

Staff are motivated to develop within a flexible framework and are encouraged to provide feedback on their expectations. Local sourcing is important to our business practices and we aim to contract services to local firms where possible.

It is our responsibility to train all workers to provide better access to job opportunities in the long term. We emphasise transferable skills and a broad range of learning, as well as the basic aim of developing a knowledgeable, productive and happy workforce.